message from Netherlands. 9

Yo Babees!
I just wanted to add that I had a blast yesterday at Maral's Birthday Party!
We had so much fun and I just loved the drunk people who where there.
Our Sweet Birthday girl loved her presents which made us very happy and don't even get me started about how delicious the Cake was ... OMG! It was like having a piece of heaven in your mouth!
Anyways, I'm very tired after last night (my legs are still pumping like a freaking circus!), but I have to start packing, cause ...

I'm going to London on Monday !!! Woooooooooooooooohooooooooooo...

Take Care Yall, XxXx Karmen

Message from Netherlands. 8

Me Love ... Maybe a little TOO MUCH!

Hi Dolls!
My whole day was spended in DenHaag-City and around one-thirty we went to my Aunt's condo in Scheveningen.
Then at two o'clock the hairdresser came and started to cut my hair and she did a ... GREAT JOB!
I mean it looks gorgeous. I Love It!
It's layer on layer so it looks great. It kind of looks like this... :

...But my hair is much, much shorter than Kims!

Take Care Yall, XxXx Karmen

Message from Netherlands. 7

Faludeh - Persian delicious IceCream!

My baby dooooooooolls!
How are yall doin'?
I feel so fine! I just came back home to Netherlands from Germany. I was there with my family the whole weekend to visit our old dear friends. The next day after we arrived, we went shopping in Düsseldorf City. Boy, do they just have the best shopping place on earth or what!!! And of course... we were never bored due to our little Sanni (2 year old baby boy)! How can a baby be so darn cute?

I'll keep in touch babies, XxXx Karmen

Message from Netherlands. 6

My Babieeeeees!
I''ved hanged out with my little friends these last few days and I had a blast.
Even though we can be bored sometimes we still have fun cause we''re together and let me tell yah ...
Non of us are really normal... which is great, btw!!!

Just came back home to the country and I''m getting ready for a walk!

Take Care guys, XxXx Karmen

Message from Netherlands. 5

So, here's the deal ... Germany dumped me! (Crying baby)
But I'm "sooo" over it and I'm ready to move on with my life...
Instead, I'm going to the big Pathé-cinema tonight with my auntiepie in Scheveningen!!!

Take Care Yall, XxXx Karmen

Message from Netherlands. 4

My Persian 2011-Goddess

Well Hello My Babieeeees!
It's wednesday and my day was sooo relaxing and fun.
I just came back home after being at my aunt's condo. But to get there took us some damn time!
We took the freaking bus, tram and the train in one hour! Boy, we're we stressed or what...

Germany is calling for me on friday, sooo just for the "germany people", I'm going.
Have fun Mina Damer & Hästar!

Take good care of yall, XxXx Karmen

Message from Netherlands. 3

Do I really need to clean this up?

Just took a shower after being in the sun for 3-4 hours. I can't belive how snow white (ME) actually turned brown! 
That's why I believe in miracles!!!
Anyways, the weather is amazing and I'm going for a long walk in the country later on.
Hope yall have a crazy day!

TaTa Douls, XxXx Karmen

Message from Netherlands. 2

Hi Babies!
Just yesterday, I came back home to Netherlands after a cosy weekend at Germany.
We rented a little house in the middle of nowhere and every member of the big fat family was there!
Have fun U guys!

TaTa, XxXx Karmen

Message from Netherlands. 1

Hi Dolls!
I'm so sorry yall had to wait so long for a new update, but don't worry... I'm back!
These last days I'ved been having a great time BBQ with my friends in Sweden.
But now I'm in Netherlands and the memories can begin! So far, my days are going good and I'm enjoying the company with my big fat family.

TaTa, XxXx Karmen

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